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We help Real Estate professionals grow there Brand by giving them access to the latest softwares and marketing strategies. 





Engage in our community

Our software allows you to engage with other real estate professionals. 


    The News Feed allows users to connect with individuals on more than just a business level, but also a personal level. 

Find Connections

    Strastic makes it simple to find and connect with buyers, sellers and other professionals.


    Our Forum allows our members to create a place where ideas, and views and opinions on real estate, investment strategies .


Build your Brand

We give our members the ability to build their brands from creating websites to building funnels.

Wesbsite Builder

    Build your brand identity with with an attention grabbing homepage

Funnel Builder

    Drive your customers to take action by purchasing your products or         services through our result-driven funnel builder.

Social Media Automation

    Quickly create your ideal social media posting strategy 


Learn with Strastic

 Strastic will cover topics such as investment strategies, branding and social   media marketing. 

Strastic Academy

 Whether you're a beginner and want to learn the ins and outs of real   estate   or a veteran realtor seeking to build your real estate knowledge   beyond the traditional training

Strastic News  

 Get access to our content platform and stay up to date with real estate   news and information. 

Strastic TV 

 Our streaming TV service allows users to share and document the latest   real estate trends, while being given a platform to create and promote   their own   individual brand. 

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